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Life as a Kloeckner Forklift Operator


Being a forklift operator for Kloeckner Metals is a fulfilling experience. Our forklift operators are expose to great benefits, hours, and wages. Every forklift operator has been exposed to many other processes in the warehouse and is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect and process that the warehouse involves. Watch as one of our forklift operators describes their experience working with Kloeckner!

Video Transcript 

I’ve been here since ’96. I didn’t even know how to light a hand torch. They took a chance on me not knowing much about the steel business and I’m grateful for that, you know?

So, since I’ve been here, I’ve learned how to run the plasma machine, operate cranes. The forklifts we have are tractors. But, that’s what I like about this company. You have a opportunity to learn as much as possible. A lot of companies don’t do that. You get put in one position. You become complacent with that position and that’s all you know. So, thanks to Kloeckner, I have a number of things I can do, you know? So, that helps me out in the long run.

I work with a good group of guys. You don’t have to ask somebody. They’ll come and help you, see if you need help. And, we also hang out after work. It’s not just doing work.

I enjoy this company. They’ve done a lot for me. I was playing basketball on the weekend. I blew out my achilles tendon. Was out of work for two months. They paid me for the two months I was out of work, which surprised me. They have nothing to do with that injury, but that’s why I have so much respect for this company, because doing something like that, that I’d never expect them to do.

But, I love it here. I’ll be here till it’s time for me to retire.

Steven Nghe is currently the Digital Product Innovation Manager at Kloeckner Metals. Nghe is a marketing professional with more than 12 years of experience in various environments and industries. His goal is to tell you about the sexy side of steel. Nghe holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing from North Carolina State University. Prior to Kloeckner, Nghe worked for Delta Dental, Wells Real Estate Funds, Georgia Institute of Technology and Doosan.

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