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Our customers love us for our innovation, our desire to progress, and our leadership in the steel industry. We’re continually adding new digital tools to support our customers, giving them the foundation to be the most competitive in the world. Kloeckner’s Alcos Slitter is a new product that allows us to produce larger coils for our customers.

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Kloeckner’s the premiere service center in North America. I say that because we offer outstanding quality, service, and deliveries for our customers. When the customer desires to find a service center who can handle a complex building material, we tend to always be brought into the mix because they know that we have all the tools available to them to support their business.

Today the market’s changed dramatically, and it’s become a world market. It requires our customers to not only focus on their competition in the United States and North America but across the world. In doing so, they’ve asked us to do more for them. To step up, if you will like they have had to step up to compete against their international competition. We’ve taken that message to heart, and we’ve added new technology from equipment, we’ve gotten creative with new product, and we also added new digital tools to support our customers, all giving them the foundation to be the most competitive in the world. Last year, we completed the capital campaign to install a brand new slitter.

Our new Alcos Slitter allows us to run everything from .010 up to 1/4” carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, painted steel. It’s broadened our product capabilities. We can run anything from extra soft material up to ultra-high-strength automotive grades. We can put 80 thousand pound coils on the exit end which allows us to bring in a lot bigger coils from the mill and produce a lot bigger coils for our customers, and it goes up to 84 inches wide as well, and we can slit down to 1 inch.

Our customers love us for our innovation, and our desire to progress, and to be the leaders in the industry, to go where others have not gone. Without those investments, both from a digital perspective and an equipment perspective, we’re not keeping pace in the industry. We’re not remaining as the leader, as the premiere service center in the marketplace, and so that’s why we’re committed to doing both of those things.

Kiana Glasper
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