Why Metal Makes the Best Roofing Materials in Hawaii


Putting a new roof on your commercial building in Hawaii means you have so many materials to choose from. Choice is good…but it can also be overwhelming. You may start the process with a specific look in mind, but it’s important to go beyond mere aesthetics. The sunny island climate here brings with it some distinctive features that warrant consideration throughout the process. For many, the heat and other external factors make the choice a no-brainer: they opt for metal roofing materials in Hawaii.

Does metal roofing materials in Hawaii make sense for your industrial building? Explore some of the many benefits to make a sound choice. Metal roofing materials in Hawaii offer:

Impressive Strength

Yes, the weather here in the islands is beautiful…but there can sometimes be a bite to its beauty. Hawaiian business owners know that they need a roofing option that can stand up to even the toughest storms Mother Nature dishes out. Metal roofs deliver. Strong and durable, these panels can withstand winds, rains, and other flying debris.

Energy Efficient

Not to dwell on our gorgeous weather again, but, we all know that things can get pretty warm here in Hawaii. Not a problem for landlords who opt for metal roofing. This material proves particularly energy efficient. It repels the heat of the sun and helps keep the inside of the building comfortable. You may actually find that you save money on cooling systems throughout all the warmest months.

Cost Savings

Some business owners may feel a slight pang of sticker shock when checking out the price tag of metal compared to other roofing options. However, your roof is a long-term investment, and the lifespan of a metal roof is pretty hard to top. Other materials often require replacement anywhere from 10-20 years after installation. However, when properly installed, the metal system could last as long as 50+ years, making it a better overall investment.

Low Maintenance

Running a building or business means you have far more important things to do than property maintenance. With a metal roof you won’t have to; occasionally removing debris and hosing off dirt is usually all it takes to keep your system looking new.

Natalie Spira
Natalie Spira is Kloeckner's Acquisition Marketing Manager. Previously, she was the Founder and CEO of Fraction Marketing, a marketing agency providing fractional support to scaling startups with a focus on acquisition marketing and demand generation. Natalie holds a MBA from Tel Aviv University with concentrations in entrepreneurship and marketing and a BA in English from UCLA.
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