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5 Myths About Using Metals In Hawaii Roofing… Debunked!


Many people have strange notions about the effects of using metals in Hawaii roofing. Some of these notions stem from a poor understanding regarding how the materials are manufactured. Others are simply perpetuated each time they’re repeated despite clear evidence that disproves them.


Following are five surprisingly resilient myths about metal roofing. Our aim is to deflate them with the truth and provide you with the practical information you need to make informed decisions regarding the roofing on your home.


Myth #1: “Rain And Wind Will Create A Cacophony”


Reality check: Metal roofing is actually quieter than other types of roofing. The material is installed over sheathing, which is attached to an underlayment. In rainy or windy weather, there’s a good chance you won’t hear anything at all.


Myth #2: “Hail Will Dent And Ding Your Roofing”


Reality check: The metals in Hawaii roofing are reinforced and durable enough to withstand hail and other debris. This is one of the advantages to installing metal roofing on your home.


Of course, hail the size of baseballs is likely to leave a mark. But with hail of that size, there are other concerns to worry about.


Myth #3 “Your Home Will Be Prone To Lightning Strikes”


Reality check: If your home is struck by lightning, it won’t be because of your metal roofing. Lightning isn’t attracted by metal.


When lightning strikes, it typically strikes the highest point in an area. This is the reason lightning often hits trees and power lines. Note that there’s no metal in trees.


Myth #4: “Metal Roofing Will Turn Your Home Into A Sweatbox”


Reality check: The use of metals in Hawaii roofing actually prevents this problem. A well-constructed and properly installed metal roof will reflect solar radiation. The radiation bounces off the surface, helping to keep the temperature inside your home at a reasonable level.


Compare this to asphalt, which absorbs solar heat.


Myth #5: “Your Roofing Will Rust And Fall Apart”


Reality check: Not so. Galvanized steel, one of the most durable metals in Hawaii roofing, is designed to prevent corrosion and rust. It’s manufactured with zinc, which forms a bond with the steel. The result is a stronger roof that’s resistant to corrosion and rust.


Metal is one of the most popular roofing options in Hawaii due to the locale’s climate. Heavy rainfall, high humidity, and strong trade winds warrant installing a roof that can tolerate the abuse. High-quality metals in Hawaii roofing offer the best protection.


Kloeckner Metals has more than 50 years of experience installing high-quality metal roofing on homes and business buildings in Hawaii. We also operate the sole hot-dip galvanizing plant on the island. Complete this short online form or call (808) 682-3000 to learn about your options and receive a free estimate based on your roofing needs.

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