409 Stainless Steel Tube

409 stainless steel tube is a general purpose stainless steel product with excellent resistance to oxidation. Kloeckner Metals proudly supplies it nationwide throughout our network of 40+ branches.


General Info About 409

409 stainless steel tube is mainly purposed for automotive exhaust systems. It is a chromium titanium stabilized ferritic stainless steel that protects against oxidation at elevated temperatures in mildly challenging atmospheric conditions.

More Details About 409

  • Advantages/Disadvantages

    The main advantage this stainless steel grade provides is excellent protection against exhaust gas and atmospheric corrosion at elevated temperatures. Another advantage of 409 stainless steel tube is that it is readily formable and can be formed into complex shapes required in the automotive industry. This stainless steel is not recommended for decorative applications and is not heat treatable.

  • Industries

    It is mostly used in the automotive and agriculture industries.

  • Applications

    409 stainless steel tube is excellent for automotive exhaust systems. Tailpipes, mufflers, converters, and tubular manifolds are common automotive applications. It is also used for non-automotive exhaust systems, heat exchangers, silencers, power generation, fuel filters, farming equipment, furnace components, and transformer casing.

  • Machining

    It has excellent machinability.

  • Welding

    It is weldable.

  • Heat Treatment

    It is not heat treatable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some of the differences between this grade and 304 stainless?


    There are a number of key differences between 409 and 304. For one, they contain different microstructures. 409 is a ferritic steel, while 304 is an austenitic steel. This leads to differences in mechanical properties. 304 is a higher strength stainless steel, and due to a higher percentage of nickel and chromium it has better corrosion resistance. 409 shows better oxidation resistance at medium strength levels.

  • What is the max Rockwell hardness of this stainless steel grade?


    The max Rockwell hardness for 409 stainless is B95.

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