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Kloeckner Metals proudly supplies steel pipe across its nationwide network of 40+ branches.

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More Details About Each Steel Pipe Grade

  • A53

    A53 pipe is a general purpose pipe predominately used for mechanical and pressure applications at low to medium pressures. Transporting water, gas, steam, and air are all common applications. It is available in grade A and B. Grade A A53 is a seamless and electric-resistance-welded grade with a minimum tensile strength of 48,000 psi. Grade B has a higher tensile strength of at least 60,000 psi.

  • A500

    A500 is a relatively high strength steel often used for low to medium pressure applications, including the transport of water and gas. It is a high value steel with structural specification, commonly seen in the construction, agriculture, and transportation industries. It is easy to weld, machine, and can be cold worked.

  • A106B

    This pipe grade is best for high-temperature service. It shows good shock resistance and can tolerate high pressure. This grade is often seen in power generation applications.

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General Info About Steel Pipe

Pipes are a widely purposed metal product across a range of industries, from oil and gas to construction and manufacturing. They are routinely stocked in coated, uncoated, welded galvanized, and seamless formats in a variety of standard lengths and schedules.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between carbon steel pipe and stainless steel pipe?


    Stainless and carbon steel differ in their composition. Stainless steel must have at least 10% chromium content. The addition of chromium gives it greater corrosion resistance. Carbon steel has both a much higher carbon content, and lacks the added protection that chromium lends stainless, resulting in a greater susceptibility to rust. Check out our blog post on when to use carbon steel vs. stainless steel to learn more.

  • What is galvanized steel pipe?


    Galvanized steel is steel with a protective zinc coating. Galvanized steel protects against rust and is commonly seen across industries, including construction, automotive, manufacturing, and more.

  • What is schedule 40 steel pipe?


    The term schedule refers to the wall thickness of the pipe. Schedule 40 is a standard steel pipe. Note that the actual wall thickness is relative to the nominal pipe size (NPS). For example:

    • For pipe size 1.000″ Schedule 40, the actual wall thickness is 0.133″
    • For pipe size 2.000″ Schedule 40, the actual wall thickness is 0.145″
  • How hard is it to cut a steel pipe?


    From the tool being used (saw, grinder, torch etc.) to the thickness of the metal being cut, the level of difficulty encountered when cutting any metal depends on a number of factors. Before cutting begins, ensure all PPE (safety goggles, safety gloves etc.) is on properly, and make adjustments if needed. Since pipes are hollow and round, they must be properly secured prior to cutting. Additional steps include measuring and marking the steel, and cutting and refining the edges as necessary.

    Learn more about Kloeckner Metals equipment and fabrication services.

  • What are steel pipe fittings?


    Instrumentation fittings are used to connect pipes. They’re commonly welded or threaded, and are often leak proof. Sometimes fittings allow for valves and pumps to manage flow in pipes. Other applications, like handrails or bicycles do not require leak proofing.

  • Where is steel pipe for sale near me?


    If you are in the market for steel pipe, contact our sales team today.

Services provided to Steel Pipe products


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Cut to Length

Leading the North American metals industry with...



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Weld Prep

Kloeckner Metals is proud to offer weld...



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Heat Straightening

Kloeckner Metals offers heat straightening as part...


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Between our global footprint, international transportation network,...


Tube Laser

With investments in the latest laser tube...



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Branches featuring Steel Pipe products

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Industries served by Steel Pipe

Material Handling

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Trailer and Truck Industry

Kloeckner Metals is proud to supply metals...


Other Industries

In addition to our mainstays, Kloeckner services...


Fabricators & Machine Shops

Kloeckner leads the fabricators & machine shops...



Spearheading processes and products that match the...


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Other Steel Pipe and Steel Tube Formats

Additional Product Types

Kloeckner stocks the largest variety of products for the metals industry with over 200,000 available across our 50+ branches, all of them located close to the industries they serve to reduce warehouse and freight costs. See a selection of our other products below.
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