For a Roof That Is Architectural and Safe, Consider a Standing Seam Metal Roof in Hawaii


Of all the types of roofing, their modern look and high style really stand out. The roof gets its name from the literal “standing seam” that runs from the roof edge to the rooftop. This seam is where the metal panels actually connect, and it adds real architectural depth to your roof.

The Materials Of The Standing Seam Roof

The material used in a standing seam metal roof on Hawaii homes and businesses is the longest lasting, strongest and easiest to maintain – its galvalume coated steel! Made of this strong metal, these roofs are made to last, shrugging off the wear that other roof types, like shingles are plagued by. Rather than break down from erosion due to wind, rain, or humidity, the prepainted, galvalume coated steel resists weathering. If you are looking for a type of roofing material that will last, you can’t go wrong with a standing seam in Hawaii.

There are two components to a standing seam roof:

  • The Panels. Metal panels are produced from prepainted coil that lie on the roof. They can be rolled at the site or at our factory. Site-formed standing seam panels begin as precoated, prepainted coils that are put through a roll-former on location of the project. Factory produced panels come precut to your jobsite.
  • Seam Fasteners. You’ll need something to hold those panels in place and that’s where concealed clips come in. The clips are hidden from sight, giving standing seam roofs their other name: concealed fastener roof systems.

Advantages Of The Standing Seam In Hawaii

There are many advantages to a standing seam roof in Hawaii.

  • Durable. The metal and the construction make this roof long-lasting. Galvalume coated steel roofs have almost twice the life of other roofs allowing it to withstand the tests of time.
  • Strong. Made of metal and with seams that appear above the level of the roof, the panels stay in place and do not buckle or bend even in severe winds.
  • Low Maintenance. The standing seam roof requires very little maintenance. With fewer seams than a traditional shingle roof, there are fewer opportunities for a leak or problem to occur. The precoated metal is also easy to keep clean and does not damage easily.
  • Safe. Standing seam roofs are fire-resistant. They are very safe and a good choice to protect your family.
  • Economical. The standing seam roof can also lower your utility bills because they will reflect the heat of the sun.
  • Stylish. With the different widths of the panels and heights of the seams, you can really add unique style to your home. Also, since metal is easily painted, you have choices of colors to fit your design needs; or pick from our standard stocking colors for improved leadtime and costs.
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