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Metal Roofing Trim Is Your Secret Weapon To Roof Longevity


Although small in comparison, and sometimes hidden from sight, metal roofing trim is key to the longevity of metal roofs. These small, thin pieces of metal provide vital protection against water and pest intrusion with the added function of providing roof ventilation – all of which can affect a roof’s integrity and lifespan.

It’s easy to overlook trim when large metal panels are so much more eye-catching and will be obvious from the street. But metal roofing trim is the final detail that brings the entire project together and, more importantly, protects your investment.


Drainage Details

Many people consider trim to be simply an aesthetic function. Used to make the end result look great but no more important than that. The truth couldn’t be more different. While trim does make the roof look nice and give it that final special touch, that’s by far the least important function it provides. Metal roofing trim assists with roof drainage and provides protection against wind and pests.


  • Drainage:  Roofs in general should be designed to work with gravity to force water off of and away from the building. Trim helps with this by directing the flow of water in tight corners, odd angles, and points where the roofing panels end. It also provides an additional barrier through which water must penetrate in order to reach the substructure of the roof, the wood. Wet wood is very dangerous when it comes to roofing. It can weaken the entire structure and allow mold and mildew to take root and affect indoor air quality. In addition to diverting water away from the building, some trim pieces like gable vents or ridge vents help ventilate roofs which serve the dual purpose of drying out and cooling off moist attics or airspaces directly under the roof, which can save property owners money on A/C costs.
  • Protection:  Certain pieces of metal roofing trim provides added protection against wind damage and help deter pests from getting at the wooden substructure. Metal roofs in general are perfect for deterring wood-boring pests, but even the tiniest crack or exposed seam can let an insect in and if it reaches your wooden supports, the entire roof’s stability can be compromised. Metal trim blocks these points of entry and provides added protection against wind uplift.


Cap Off Your Project With Metal Roofing Trim From Kloeckner Metals

Put the final touch on your roofing project with metal roofing trim from Kloeckner Metals. We provide in-state metal roof manufacturing and on-time delivery to meet your most pressing project demands!

Visit to learn more about our metal roofing services and products or call us at (808) 682-3000 to discuss your needs.

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