Metal Roofing Trim: An Essential Piece of Any System


For some, choosing a metal roof means simply picking out colors and panels. However, starting the process often unearths a host of considerations that enhance the finished project. Metal roofing trim is one such consideration. Overlooking metal roofing trim can mean dismissing an essential component in virtually any roof system.

Benefits Of Roofing Trim

At Kloeckner Metals, we offer customers a comprehensive catalogue of metal roofing trim options. This critical system piece delivers extensive benefits to our overall installation. First and foremost, the trim on a metal roofing system works to seal all joints throughout the surface. Transitions in slope and direction can all be closed using trim to ensure no moisture can leak into your building.

Additionally, metal roofing trim offers an esthetic component as well. Available in a wide range of styles and looks, homeowners can choose an option that suits their personal taste. Once installed, it can give the building a finished look that instantly enhances curb appeal.

Partner With The Right Contract For Your Trim Installation

The best time to discuss trim for metal roofing products is at the beginning of your roof installation project. A qualified provider and distributor will have access to a range of products so you can make the best choice for your needs. At Kloeckner Metals, we work with our clients to educate them on the many available metal trim products. They are often surprised to learn how just many choices there are. During our consultation we discuss considerations such as rakes, transitions throughout the roof, valley flashing, ridge caps and eave trim. Our primary goal is for our partners to have the information they need to make an informed decision.

Once they understand the benefits of using trim on their roof, our team of experts work with them to create a customized project outline. We value our customers’ input and never suggest one-size-fits-all strategies. Instead we personalize the entire process so every client gets exactly what they deserve: top quality products professionally installed by experienced experts for the best final results possible.

Natalie Spira
Natalie Spira is Kloeckner's Acquisition Marketing Manager. Previously, she was the Founder and CEO of Fraction Marketing, a marketing agency providing fractional support to scaling startups with a focus on acquisition marketing and demand generation. Natalie holds a MBA from Tel Aviv University with concentrations in entrepreneurship and marketing and a BA in English from UCLA.
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