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5 Types Of Metal Roofing Trim (And Why They’re Used)



Metal roofing trim is one of the most overlooked components of a metal roof. Unless one looks closely at the joints, as well as near the eaves and gutters, it’s rarely seen. Trim is what seals joints and drip edges, and keeps moisture from penetrating your home. It also improves the visual appeal of your home by providing smooth, seamless transitions from slope to slope.


Although one of the benefits of metal roofing is that it doesn’t absorb moisture, trim is still important for keeping moisture out. A typical metal roof will come with various types of metal roofing trim. Below, we’ll profile the most common types and their respective uses.


#1 – Eave Trim


The eaves of your home are the edges that overhang the exterior walls. They help direct water away from your walls and windows. Eave trim gives these edges a polished look.


#2 – Gutter Trim


Your home is outfitted with a rain gutter system. Its purpose is to carry water from your roof to the ground below. Sometimes, gutters can look unsightly. Gutter trim is installed to fix this problem.


#3 – Transition Trim


Residential roofing usually has multiple surfaces (as opposed to a single flat surface). These surfaces create joints where they meet. Metal roofing trim is installed at these points to create smooth transitions between the surfaces.


#4 – Ridge Roll


The zenith of a home is usually the point at which two upward-sloping surfaces of its roof connect. This point is referred to as the ridge. Ridge roll is installed to seal the connection and improve its aesthetic.


#5 – Wall-To-Roof Trim


The joints between your home’s exterior walls and the roofing need to be sealed to prevent water from collecting under the roof panels. Otherwise, water that collects in these areas can eventually find its way into your home. Once there, it can cause mold growth, ceiling leaks, and other problems.


Wall-to-roof trim is installed to prevent water penetration, and thereby avert such problems.


Metal roofing trim is an important part of any metal roof. If the trim on your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, contact an experienced roofing contractor.


Kloeckner Metals Hawaii has earned a reputation for manufacturing and installing high-quality residential and commercial metal roofing. To find out how our staff can improve your home’s curbside appeal, call us at (808) 682-3000 or complete this short form. We’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate based on the type of work your home needs.

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