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Galvanizing is the process by which a coating of zinc is applied to steel. It endows corrosion resistance and other beneficial properties to the steel. Zinc had been applied to copper to create brass alloy as early as the 10th century B.C., but it wasn’t until the 1700s that galvanizing applications in steel and iron ...
hot dip galvanization
Benefits Ideal for Hawaii’s Demanding Environment: Hawaii’s diverse and highly corrosive environment of ocean-salt exposure, high humidity, rain and trade winds create the need for superior corrosion protection. Hot-Dip Galvanizing is recognized worldwide as the most effective, cost-efficient method of corrosion protection for steel products. State-of-the-Art Galvanizing Plant Our kettle is 27 feet long, 6 ...
hot dip galvanizing
Hot-Dip Galvanizing at Kloeckner Metal’s Hawaii Branch Hot-dip galvanizing dramatically improves the longevity and durability of steel. This is especially important in highly corrosive environments. That is why Kloeckner Metals has a hot-dip galvanizing plant in Hawaii, the only one in the state. Hawaii’s diverse and highly corrosive environment of ocean-salt exposure, high humidity, rain ...
Hot-dip galvanizing of Hawaii steel products may have started out as a way to prevent corrosion in our humid environment, but that’s not all it’s good for. Today, the process is used to reduce the initial cost of a product, add strength, durability, and versatility to the piece, improve its’ aesthetics, and even up its’ ...
Kloeckner’s Hawaii branch is unique. It has three completely different profit centers, and all three are high value-added businesses. The branch’s galvanizing plant is the only one in the state, and the branch manufactures premium metal roofing. As a steel distributor, the branch also has value-added capabilities such as burning, punching/drilling holes, shearing, and saw ...
Galvanized steel is prized all over the world for its durability and corrosion-resistance. But for as strong as the finished material is, the process is surprisingly simple and straightforward. Galvanizing steel consists of just three steps: Surface Preparation. Galvanizing. Inspection. Surface Preparation Like most things, the quality of a finished galvanized product is directly influenced ...
different types of steel beams
When getting to know the different types of steel beams, what’s important to look out for? Beams are a structural steel shape designed to carry heavy loads with supports at two points or more. However, even seemingly slight geometric differences impact how well beams will bear weight and resist bending or buckling. So, it’s good ...
galvanized steel
Considering using galvanized steel pipe in your next project? It’s a good choice for many tasks thanks to its reliability, strength, affordability, and corrosion resistance. That’s why most home improvement projects and industrial applications use galvanized steel pipe schedule 40. Before you buy, though, it’s a good idea to find out more about galvanized steel ...
Kloeckner Hawaii Branch
Kloeckner Metals’ Hawaii branch is celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year. Located on Oahu, the facility began as Ziegler Steel on Ualena St. in 1959. After Ziegler, it was owned by Ferro Union for a few years. Then, when it became a part of Macsteel in 1999, the operation moved to the current location on ...


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