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New Orleans SafeStart Logo Contest

SafeStart New Orleans

This past April Kloeckner Metals’ New Orleans branch held a luncheon to celebrate the winner of the branch’s SafeStart logo contest. Plasma machine operator Harry Cassaly won with the slogan: “New Culture, New Attitude, New Orleans.” T-shirts with the new logo were given out in celebration.

“It was just a little contest to keep it fresh in the guys’ minds,” said District Sales Manager Tracy Priar. “We like to do something at least once a quarter with SafeStart.”

For the summer, everyone will get freezy pops to go with their second audit. The team will enjoy their frozen treats while getting quizzed on SafeStart concepts.

“Safety’s is a serious matter and is part of our day-to-day habits,” Tracy said. “So to try and put a different spin on it rather than just hammering it into them every day, it is fun to do different contests.”

Tracy finds that it is most effective when you use daily examples to illustrate SafeStart concepts. For example, when you are driving on the way to work and start to get some road rage, you stop and think about it for a second. You can realize that maybe you are tired, and you are rushing. That is an example of self-triggering on the state you’re in.

“We put it not so much as things to remember but as day-to-day stuff, so they can relate to it and remember it that way instead of just remembering ‘self-trigger on the state you’re in,’” Tracy said. “I think our branch has pretty much bought into it and made it part of their culture and that is part of our logo.”

Christopher Myers
SafeStart New Orleans
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