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Kloeckner Metals Featured Equipment: AMADA FLCAJ 4020


The AMADA FLCAJ 4020 is a fiber laser machine that is not only unbelievably fast but also offers a clean cut. This machine has the ability to process a longer sheet with less energy. The FLCAJ 4020 provides a first class product to our customers on time, every time.  Learn more about this machine below:

Video Transcript 

Kloeckner Metals is one of the largest metal distributors in the world. We’re very large in the United States. We have over 50 locations to service everything from long products, flat-rolled products, aluminum and stainless. The fiber laser is an AMADA FLC 4020.

We purchased several years ago, and it’s been a very important piece of equipment for us in our laser department. What it’s done, it’s given us a lot of flexibility in the parts that we run. For thinner gauge material, it runs much faster than our traditional CO2 laser. It also has typically given us a little bit of a cleaner cut, so any type of cleanup on cosmetic services has been less. It is fast. It is unbelievably fast. Because of the speed, it’s given us a lot more capability, capacity here, which has helped us take on new work, which has been great.

The tolerances on a fiber laser are super tight. It gives us the ability to process a longer sheet. 160 inch long sheet. It’s our largest bed laser so it gives us the abilities to cut larger parts than your normal 5 X 10 laser.

Typically, it uses less energy. With fewer working parts to make the laser beam, your maintenance costs generally have been less. We increased our capacity in our laser department, so we’ll be able to bring on more work for different industries. Sometimes we’ve had customers that have had short lead time. This machine benefits our customer for the fact that, with the capabilities and the cut quality that we get from it, we make sure that we’re providing a first class product to our customer on time every time.

Some of the products that are coming off of our fiber laser are stainless steel parts that go into warming ovens for the food industry, along with some other thinner gauge parts that may be going into checkout stands at some of your different retail stores. One of the things going forward that we’ve recently talked about is we talked about our five-year plan on where we are wanting to take AFI. And a lot of that is looking at the technology that’s out there for fabrication and some other things. We want to make sure that we are bringing the best ideas and the most innovative solutions to the table for our customers.

When we’re talking to customers about our laser capacity and capabilities here, it always seems to catch their eye when we talk about the fiber laser that we’ve added. In what we do, there’s not as many people out there that have fiber lasers. So when they hear that, they know that we’re investing in our business here and that we are very serious about what we do.

Vivian joined Kloeckner Metals in January 2017. A recent graduate of Georgia State University, she studied Public Relations and Marketing. Vivian has been instrumental in helping Kloeckner Metals launch its marketing strategy.

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