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Daughter of Finance Director Marietta Alay-Ay Receives MSCI Scholarship


When University of Georgia freshman Alyssa Alay-Ay applied for the Metal Service Center Institute scholarship, she drew from her frequent, eye-opening travels to the Philippines to answer the prompt, “How has metal affected your life?”

Alyssa Alay-Ay MSCI 2020 Scholarship Recipient at High School GraduationAlyssa, the daughter of Finance Director Marietta Alay-Ay, has visited the Philippines every two years since she was a child. Steel, the backbone of all infrastructure, offered a unique lens into the differences between the Philippines and her home, Forsyth county.

Alyssa’s background—and how it forged her life—impressed MSCI fund administrators. She was awarded the $3000 scholarship to fund her university studies.

How Metal Affects Your Life

Whether you’re talking about hospitals, schools, railways or roads, steel makes up much of our infrastructure. It makes a safe everyday life possible.

Unfortunately, infrastructure doesn’t look the same everywhere around the world. The Philippines 7,500+ islands pose a challenge for maintenance and development—a problem exacerbated as population increases pushed it to among the top 15 most populous nations in the world. Life expectancy in the Philippines is nearly a decade less than it is in the U.S.

The perspective gained from visiting her less privileged Filipino family set in motion Alyssa’s commitment to help others. In her application, she highlighted a dedication to do her part in making the world a better place.

Alyssa spent all of high school volunteering with Next Generation Focus, an organization that reaches low-income children by providing food, supplies, and tutors. She plans to continue working with them while she studies biology and business at UGA, with the hopes of one day becoming a pediatrician.

It’s no surprise that Alyssa’s thoughtful application wowed reviewers. She was 1 of 17 students nationwide awarded the 2020 MSCI scholarship. Marietta was ecstatic to hear the news. She loves that the MSCI scholarship encourages Alyssa’s mission to help others.

About the MSCI Scholarship

In the early years of Marietta’s career at Kloeckner, she received emails from MSCI about their scholarship program. The MSCI scholarship is eligible to college students of parents who work at MSCI member companies like Kloeckner Metals. Students can apply for funds each year of study. Marietta has been sharing the opportunity with coworkers who have eligible children ever since, until, finally, Alyssa was able to apply last year. Alyssa plans to do so again this year.

Apply for the 2021 Scholarship Program

The MSCI Mid-South Chapter is pleased to announce its 2021 Scholarship Program is now open for applications! We invite you to apply.
The Mid-South Chapter grants $3,000 scholarships to the children of MSCI member companies enrolled in college or certified trade school. Applicants must meet the following requirements:
  • complete the application on the MSCI website
  • submit a recommendation from a high school instructor or college professor
  • meet the required GPA of 2.5
  • have a parent employed at a member company in good standing of both MSCI National and the Mid-South Chapter
Past recipients may apply again. The deadline for applications is May 1, 2021. For more information visit, the MSCI scholarship program.
Sara Montijo
Sara Montijo is a writer for Kloeckner Metals. She graduated with honors from NYU and has previously facilitated multimedia programming and worked alongside renowned chefs. Her friends call her a time warp.
MSCI Scholarship
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